Friday, March 19, 2010

the universe and it's divine signs.....

It's amazing how everyday we are faced with a challenge, a decision, a thought, an idea or even a feeling. These are clear signs from the universe, slowly inkling us to our most awesome destiny! A destiny that leads us to a loving more forgiving and accepting nature. I am a firm believer in the power of the universe and divine intervention. I am also a firm believer in karma, energies and just living to love, give, cherish, and be true to oneself! I find it to be extremely liberating and necessary to always be with love in your heart. The world can seem like a very troubled and cloudy place but through your eyes and your heart, you can turn that all around. The results may not come today or even tomorrow, however the knowledge of putting the kindness of words, thoughts and energy out there does incredible things in volumes! And in time, at the right time, the most amazing of outcomes will be presented to you in forms like you could have only imagined, but then has become quite the reality. I feel as human beings we all have the capacity to love and be kind to one another. A smile is for free and only encourages more smiles. In matters of love I am completely experiencing the wonderment and immaculate joys and gifts the universe offers. Being true to myself, totally and solely faithful and trusting in the universe, i have cried my tears, broken hearts, have had my heart broken, disappointment, sorrow and pain, but inn the end I pushed through with an open heart and mind that all will be well in my world. Putting the positive energy out there, being a cheerleader for love and an eternal optimist towards the power of kindness and absolute growth has liberated my soul to unimaginable places.

The universe is a grand thing and all I can say to you and your internal and eternal plight is to always be true to yourself and carry an unconditional love in your heart for yourself and the immaculate energy around you

The world will and can be in disarray...follow your path and the divine signs will always lead you where you need be! It may take some of us a lifetime to see where we need to be, but the road getting there is priceless and has made us the persons that we are exponentially loved for!

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