Monday, August 9, 2010

There is nothing wrong with embracing the best and never preparing for the worst!

Some people feel that in order to get through life you should prepare for the worst to happen and in the process try to enjoy life! I disagree!! I believe you should embrace the best and not even give the worst a second thought. I strongly believe that in preparing or thinking along the lines of a worst case scenario you are only projecting energy towards the worst to happen, allowing the best to pass you by. The universe is made up of pure energy. Now if you are constantly thinking, feeling, assuming, implying or bracing for the worst, it will indeed meet you at the pass! Everyday that passes is a day to embrace love and beautiful things to come! You are alive and breathing, well enough to embrace the greatness of the universe and the many gifts it offers. ( Your loved ones, your friends, your job, your home, even the simple fact that you laid your head down one night to sleep and awoke to enjoy another day.) To see another day! Each day is a day for you to be thankful and prepare for nothing but embrace what is in front of you and what you can positively place infront of someone else. A smile is for free and can possibly give someone hope and faith to just enjoy the days as they come and never look or think of the worst! Yes we do not live in a utopia. There is struggle, war and strife among us in this day and age, however we have to have faith in the ultimate power and divine energy of the universe around us and the divine energy that we are. We can say to ourselves each day, that the best is in front of us and will always be upon us! Contribute to the universe by recycling the art of love and compassion. Contribute to each other by lending an ear and following through with warm inspiring words, thoughts and ideas of the greater things to come as well the greater things that are! Sometimes we are blinded by the media hype of shiny things,flashy lifestyles, physical beauty and all the things that the media wants us to be, that we do not take the time to look into the mirror to see the marvelous beauty before us! We are all beautiful inside and out if we allow ourselves to see it through our own eyes and not the eyes of the masses! If we embrace the love that is for us, give love from us and allow others the joy of feeling that love then there is no time for the worst! The worst doesn't exist! Let positive energy be exuded. If something not so favorable is placed in front of us, we handle it with a positive attitude to work above and beyond it! Allow the universe to strengthen your abilities to have patience and deal with that particular matter never faltering your faith in embracing the best! To prepare for the worst is an impending doom of never feeling, seeing, enjoying or allowing the universe to send you love, understanding, compassion or your ultimate destiny. The moment we commit ourselves to embracing the best and never preparing for the worst, will be the moment we open our hearts to a stronger energy and faith for a more positively charged universe. It starts with your thinking to open your heart and then spreading that openness, allowing others to embrace the beauty of the universe! Enjoy each to tell the tale of beauty and ultimate time where the worst isn't invited!

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redhead said...

Whatever you dwell on always expands. So lets spread love and positive energy!