Monday, August 9, 2010

There is nothing wrong with embracing the best and never preparing for the worst!

Some people feel that in order to get through life you should prepare for the worst to happen and in the process try to enjoy life! I disagree!! I believe you should embrace the best and not even give the worst a second thought. I strongly believe that in preparing or thinking along the lines of a worst case scenario you are only projecting energy towards the worst to happen, allowing the best to pass you by. The universe is made up of pure energy. Now if you are constantly thinking, feeling, assuming, implying or bracing for the worst, it will indeed meet you at the pass! Everyday that passes is a day to embrace love and beautiful things to come! You are alive and breathing, well enough to embrace the greatness of the universe and the many gifts it offers. ( Your loved ones, your friends, your job, your home, even the simple fact that you laid your head down one night to sleep and awoke to enjoy another day.) To see another day! Each day is a day for you to be thankful and prepare for nothing but embrace what is in front of you and what you can positively place infront of someone else. A smile is for free and can possibly give someone hope and faith to just enjoy the days as they come and never look or think of the worst! Yes we do not live in a utopia. There is struggle, war and strife among us in this day and age, however we have to have faith in the ultimate power and divine energy of the universe around us and the divine energy that we are. We can say to ourselves each day, that the best is in front of us and will always be upon us! Contribute to the universe by recycling the art of love and compassion. Contribute to each other by lending an ear and following through with warm inspiring words, thoughts and ideas of the greater things to come as well the greater things that are! Sometimes we are blinded by the media hype of shiny things,flashy lifestyles, physical beauty and all the things that the media wants us to be, that we do not take the time to look into the mirror to see the marvelous beauty before us! We are all beautiful inside and out if we allow ourselves to see it through our own eyes and not the eyes of the masses! If we embrace the love that is for us, give love from us and allow others the joy of feeling that love then there is no time for the worst! The worst doesn't exist! Let positive energy be exuded. If something not so favorable is placed in front of us, we handle it with a positive attitude to work above and beyond it! Allow the universe to strengthen your abilities to have patience and deal with that particular matter never faltering your faith in embracing the best! To prepare for the worst is an impending doom of never feeling, seeing, enjoying or allowing the universe to send you love, understanding, compassion or your ultimate destiny. The moment we commit ourselves to embracing the best and never preparing for the worst, will be the moment we open our hearts to a stronger energy and faith for a more positively charged universe. It starts with your thinking to open your heart and then spreading that openness, allowing others to embrace the beauty of the universe! Enjoy each to tell the tale of beauty and ultimate time where the worst isn't invited!

Friday, March 19, 2010

the universe and it's divine signs.....

It's amazing how everyday we are faced with a challenge, a decision, a thought, an idea or even a feeling. These are clear signs from the universe, slowly inkling us to our most awesome destiny! A destiny that leads us to a loving more forgiving and accepting nature. I am a firm believer in the power of the universe and divine intervention. I am also a firm believer in karma, energies and just living to love, give, cherish, and be true to oneself! I find it to be extremely liberating and necessary to always be with love in your heart. The world can seem like a very troubled and cloudy place but through your eyes and your heart, you can turn that all around. The results may not come today or even tomorrow, however the knowledge of putting the kindness of words, thoughts and energy out there does incredible things in volumes! And in time, at the right time, the most amazing of outcomes will be presented to you in forms like you could have only imagined, but then has become quite the reality. I feel as human beings we all have the capacity to love and be kind to one another. A smile is for free and only encourages more smiles. In matters of love I am completely experiencing the wonderment and immaculate joys and gifts the universe offers. Being true to myself, totally and solely faithful and trusting in the universe, i have cried my tears, broken hearts, have had my heart broken, disappointment, sorrow and pain, but inn the end I pushed through with an open heart and mind that all will be well in my world. Putting the positive energy out there, being a cheerleader for love and an eternal optimist towards the power of kindness and absolute growth has liberated my soul to unimaginable places.

The universe is a grand thing and all I can say to you and your internal and eternal plight is to always be true to yourself and carry an unconditional love in your heart for yourself and the immaculate energy around you

The world will and can be in disarray...follow your path and the divine signs will always lead you where you need be! It may take some of us a lifetime to see where we need to be, but the road getting there is priceless and has made us the persons that we are exponentially loved for!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A love note....

Hey You.....

I am so very much in love with you. Your character, your person, your mind, your soul, just all you are is simply amazing! I think of how lucky and blessed I am to have such a wonderful person in my life! You have been such a positive and devoted force in my life. Your energy and affections and simply your kind and loving heart has captured a part of me that was waiting to be captured. Waiting for someone to come along and understand how deeply passionate I am about life, love and the eternal pursuit for creative freedom! You have made a permanent imprint in my heart and nothing and no one will ever take the memories and times we spend together away from me. Even in death, I know that at some point I will come back and meet you again, to experience this love and wonderful hidden place we have created. I cannot express how deeply my love is for you. It brings me to tears because I honestly love you so much and just who you are warms my soul. I thank you from every inch of my have been the lightest and brightest in my life.
The only one whom has completely stolen my heart in ways I could have only imagined. Love was just a word to me until the universe placed you into my life, now love has become this undeniable untainted feeling! A feeling that has allowed me to open my heart and mind to things that only dreams were made of. A love that has touched my soul. A love that is you.....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The HIdden Place

Some people say that being left alone with your thoughts sometimes can drive a person absolutely crazy. That your solitude can become a prison of mixed emotion and confusion. I on the contrary disagree. I find nothing but beauty in my solitude. In times of great sorrow, in times of joy, even in times of confusion I find my solitude to be just what I need. The quiet and alone space to delegate my feelings and calculate my thoughts. In my solitude I find my most creative moments. I am able to write and draw my thoughts clearly with no judgement. I can color outside of the lines with no judgement. I can scream loudly, cry harder and come out as a winner and a more versed person inside and out! The beauty of my solitude is a sanctuary I have built for myself,within myself. A safe haven that I enter to make sense of the things around me. The emotions that over take me. The sights and sounds that astound me. The things I don't understand and need to find reason, cause or just embrace. My sanctuary. My solitude. My sanctuary,the womb of my inner most thoughts and feelings. I am inspired by all of my precious emotions. I take these times to become one with the universe and allow the power of kindness, the power of now, and the secrets of inner peace to become a permanent fixture in my life and my work! I have chosen to cast my energy,light and being into absolution of positive energy and motion for myself and the ones around me. I have choosen to open my heart to what the universe has and will put in front of me,to test my strength,patience,loyalty,humility, generosity,faith and love. I write this in hopes that the many that take time to read this will become encouraged to open their hearts as well. The world is in disarray and in a moment of distraction. However we should allow time to heal but our part to enlighten and encourage others to have a more dedicated faith in their being through drawing,photography, music, performance art and Solitude...

Monday, March 15, 2010

In The Silence....

I think of you in the silence,
I think of the time you laid me down ever so gently and caressed my hair
as you slowly and sensually kissed my neck.
I think of my nipples becoming erect,
with the touch your hands against my breasts.
I think of that gasp of air I took,
as your kisses went further down my body.
I think of your tongue erotically licking my belly,
as I moan with the desire of you licking further down the middle.
I think of you going further down, down between my legs,
as I spread them ever so slightly.
I think of you taking control and pushing them open,
as you blow so sweetly against me.
I think of your lips piercing mine with the most want I've ever felt,
as I arch my back and let you take in all I am.
I think of how wet I am against your mouth,
as you do things with your tongue that is beyond pleasurable.
I think of the dirty things I say I want you to do to me,
as you begin to place two fingers inside me.
I think of that delightful sound you made,
as you spread me wider and kissed me deeper.
I think of the light screams I made,
as you begged me to cum for you.
I think of the the ecstasy that over took my body,
as I wanted to cum for you.
I think of you licking me faster, filling me deeper,
as I took a breath of anticipation,
and did what I so desperately needed to do for you...
and damn did it feel like heaven!
My Darling, My Sweet,
How I long for us once again to meet.
How I long for you to run your fingers though my hair
and to smell your succulent cologne in the air.
Oh how I long to feel your face, your beautiful face
and to sense your gentle presence all over the place.
I want to caress your entire body so tenderly,
as I hold you so close, oh so adoringly.
And when we kiss, your passion I do taste.
How I long for the time that separates us to make haste.
For it seems as though by many a mile that we are apart,
but never fear, My Darling, My Sweet, it is for you that beats my heart.
And that alone is enough for now to sense you near,
Until the day your melodic voice I once again do hear.
It is you, your smile, your touch, your kiss that once upon a time set me free,
And now it is with you, My Darling, My Sweet, I want to be.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I close my eyes...

I close my eyes
and all I can see
is your beautiful smile.
I desire to run my hands
along your smooth face.

I close my eyes
and all I can see
are your beautiful green eyes.
I desire to look into them longingly
and become lost in adoration.

I close my eyes
and all I can feel
are your strong arms around me.
I desire for time to stop.

I close my eyes
and all I can feel,
are your lips pressed against mine.
I desire for this kiss to never end.