Friday, August 22, 2008


When do we actually say to ourselves, enough is enough. When do we realize that the wool that is over your eyes was put there by us. We thought we did it to protect ourselves from the bad things in life or the hurtful things, but by putting that wool over our eyes, we have instead set ourselves up for the worst hurt of our lives. It is unfortunate that this happens to the masses of people who fear hurt, abandonment and rejection. We seek the comfort of others with the silent guarantee that it will not end in heartache, trauma, or tragedy. However these are the uncertainties of life. We take chances walking out of our front doors let alone opening our hearts and soul. As children we are raised in an environment of love, compassion, respect for others, selflessness, courtesy and karma. We are built to rely on a unit of family and friends. A functioning unit that allows us to grow up with a sense of pride in ourselves, and our development. A pride that gives us the strength to love others, to accept love in our lives, to accept others for who they are, to accept some situations as not the right or wrong situation for us. Nothing is perfect, no one is perfect. We are taught to accept our flaws and mistakes as to they can be corrected with attention. Becoming a conscious person is just a privilege that comes along with the knowledge and support of family unit. Now what would happen if you take that unit away, if that unit never existed. We will most likely have an individual(s) that cannot accept the beauty of life. Which is having pride in their upbringing, because they lack thereof any type of civil upbringing. When we come from a family of disfunction and unacceptance we become a product of it. Common sense will lead us to believe this. If we are not taught to love, accept fault with the knowledge of correction, respect for others and by all means karma, how can we expect to enjoy and feast on the beauties in life. How can we allow good things to happen around us, for us or through us. Without a stable developing accepting environment we are lost. Fear, commitment, abandonment, rejection, disappointment, not accepting fault with the knowledge of correction then become ideas to live by. Our souls are corrupted. The beautiful things in life that we should be enjoying are now being destroyed by disillusion and anger. We are not living to live but living to fear and to spread the fear. We then become the lemmings on the line to eternal damnation. It is discouraging to know that there are some many in the masses to live like this. We need not to fear but to embrace. Embrace our mistakes to correct them and grow. Embrace a loving hand as we would extend one. It really boils down to a level of respect we have for ourselves and others. But to answer the question of when do we say enough is enough; well that is the day we fall from the grace of disillusionment. The day the box we have enclosed ourselves in with pity and anger contain no more oxygen. There is no room to walk and no where to go. There are some that will see far before the hurt and fear has eaten them away. But there are others that will have to experience the depths of pain to understand that they have value and worth and can be compassionate, loving and giving people. They have the capacity to see and change the error in their ways. To enjoy the fruits of life with open arms. Embracing what is meant to be beautiful, not is what is meant to be sorrow or dismay. I for one, have been in a position where I needed to say enough is enough. I am saying it now, enough is enough, I want to embrace the good things in life and be able to love others fully and completely. To allow mistakes to happen by my hand but with the capacity to correct them with no objections. I REFUSE to wear the wool over my eyes. I want to love again. I want to be loved. I can accept love in my heart for myself and for others. I do not want to live with fear and will not. I AM A CONSCIOUS PERSON. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

At exactly which point do you start to realize, that life without knowledge is death in disguise

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At exactly which point do you start to realize, that life without knowledge is death in disguise ?

Some would counter this question with " ignorance is bliss ".